DRC joined forces with Cedar Holdings on commodities supply chain innovation

2019-07-12 18:58:00

On 11 July, Cedar Holdings signed an agreement with Development Research Centre of the State Council (DRC) to encourage research on key issues of commodities modern supply chain building.

The subject of study aims to draw lessons from innovation efforts, understand key stages of commodities supply chain innovation and development inside out as well as overcome barriers imposed by existing system and mechanism. Through innovation on commodities supplysupply chain finance, commodities market as well as supply chain based on modern IT including the Iinternet, the research is expected to provide policy support for commodities supply chain development.
According to the research plan, China, as the world's largest consumer of commodities, works on innovation and development of commodities supply chain, which not only helps optimizse distribution of global commodities resources, but also gives a new boost to commodities market innovation and modernization. As a result, China will be able to further raise its competitiveness and voice in the global commodities market.
Supply chain, one of the most important innovations globally in recent years, has become a new focus for competition between countries, so much so that some developed countries in the western world havesseen it as another trend for national strategy development.
Similarly, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China gave priority to modern supply chain. In the past several years, innovation efforts hashavebeen conducted on supply chain of China in depth, from multiple dimensions and upon a wide range. Innovation and development of commodities supply chain has grown especially fast. A group of companies did very well, and some projects could serve as typical cases for study. Experience from these success needs to be drawn timely.  Under such circumstances, Cedar Holdings plays its part as the leader of commodities industrial chain to join forces with DRC, the national think tank, on relevant research, which could drive the development of industrial chain from a special angle.
AtOnthe signing ceremony, Wang Wei, Head of Market Economy Research Institute of DRC said that commodities supply chain is an important part of the industry system, and also a symbol of a country 's competitiveness. It is a national economy concern. How to make use of global resources to support China's next step of development is worth further study. Cedar Holdings is at the forefront of the commodities industry, with unique experience in industry know-hows and technology innovation.  Working together with Cedar Holdings helps further the commodities supply chain industry nationwide, and at the same time, providesgovernment and relevant companies with suggestions for policies that are down to earth and feasible.
Through nearly two decades development, Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group has covered all categories of commodities with business presence spreading across over 10 countries and regions in the world, said Han Gang, Vice President of Cedar Holdings, President of Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group. Through this research project, Cedar Holdings expects to explore new development path for commodities industry technology innovation from a vintage point and does its part for industry-wide sustainable and healthy development.
Cedar Holdings is working towards the Chinese equivalent of Glencore. Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group offers integrated solutions covering resources exploitation and acquiring, all categories commodities trade, industrial chain financial services, warehousing&logistics and product distributions.
Cedar Holdings is headquartered in Guangzhou.The city boasts  unique regional advantages that could help the research in question.  Currently, Guangdong-Hong Kong-MacauoGreater Bay Area attracts 80% of supply chain companies in China. As Guangzhou has incomparable industrial base, geographical advantages, business environment and trade culture, it is a huge and great source of practice cases and samples for the research project.
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