Qixiang Tengda brought in the world's greenest PO production technology

2019-07-24 11:00:00

On 23 July, Qixiang Tengda signed agreements with Evonik and ThyssenKrupp, two top-notched international companies from Germany to introduce the most environmentally friendly PO process in the world.
Che Chengju, General Manager and Chairman of Qixiang Tengda, Claus Rettig, Chairman of the Board of Evonik Resources Efficiency segment, Peter Sieben, Head of Operating Oxides, Vinyl and Speciality Chemicals at ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, put their signatures to the agreements. Also present at the signing ceremony are King Cheung, Chairman of Cedar Holdings, Song Zhenbo, Party Chief of Linzi Distrcit, Zibo, Shandong Province, and Han Gang, Board Member of Qixiang Tengda.
Qixiang Tengda was granted a license for HP production by Evonik and HPPO technology jointly by Evonik and ThyseenKrupp.
Propylene oxide (PO) is an important raw material for producing fine chemicals, and also the third largest propylene derivatives following polyprophylene and acrylonitrile. PO is used mainly for the production of propylene glycol and polyether polyol. The latter is an essential raw material for synthesis of polyurethane, which is in wide application of thermal insulation, furniture upholstery, elastomer, adhesives and coating materials.
In terms of terminal application areas in China, PO is mainly used in furniture (36%), appliance (16%) and automobile (8%). As domestic consumption habits change and upgrade, fields to be applied for PO are gradually expanded and demand for it keeps growing year by year.
At the moment, PO producion process in China still lags far behind, with conventional highly pollutant chlorohydrination process dominating the domestic market. 
Statistics from Qianzhan Industry Research Institute shows that total capacity of PO in China is 3.22 million tons, with chlorohydrination process, cooxidation process as well as HPPO process accounting for 54%, 34% and 12% respectively.
Shandong province, where Qixiang Tengda is located, is home to 56% of PO capacity in China, among which 86% is produced through chlorohydrination. With increasing rigorous environmental protection standards, PO production process upgrade cannot be more urgent.
Back in 2011, a national policy was proposed to restrict building facilities for chlorohydrination process of PO production and saponification process of ECH (epichlorohydrin) production. The Twelfth Five Year Plan Proposal for Polyurethane Industry points out the necessity of phasing out higly pollutant chlorohydrination process and focusing on developing HPPO process.
HPPO process is efficient in raw materials consumption, co-product free, and pollution-free. As a clean process, HPPO has an obvious advantage over conventional chlorohydrination process.
HPPO process licensed to Qixiang Tengda this time is regarded as the world's most environmentally friendly process for PO production and a part of clean production system. Use of HPPO shed light on how the industry heading for, meeting China's need for high quality development and transformation towards safe & green production.
Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is an essential ingredient for HPPO process. To ensure a green process of PO production, Qixiang Tengda also brought in HP (hydrogen peroxide) technology solely owned by Evonik for the exclusive supply of PO plant, which is the first of its kind in China.
Evonik's HP technology features a large suite of facility, high degree of automation, low consumption of energy and raw materials as well as highly advanced process. Thanks to the HPPO and HP technlogy, Qixiang Tengda will be self-sufficient in raw materials for PO production, enjoy lowered costs, higher profits as well as environmentally friendly production, blazing a trail for industry innovation.
In recent years, Qixiang Tengda, supported by Cedar Holdings, has made leapfrog development, with expanding business landscape across the globe and continuous growth. Qixiang Tengda is standing in the key period of opportunities during which it could upgrade from a sub-sector leader all the way up to a world-class chemical producer.
“It is an opportune moment for Qixiang Tengda to cooperate with top-notched chemical companies beyond China, bring in the world-leading, environmentally friendly, mature and reliable PO production process. This cooperation will not only substantially expand Qixiang's new presence in C3 industrial chain, further upgrade its diversified industry structure covering multi products categories, but also contribute to eco-friendly PO production process in China, upgrading chemical industry nationwide as well as sustainable development”, said King Cheung, Chairman of Cedar Holdings.
Cedar Holdings is a conglomerate with business segments covering commodities, new chemical materials, etc. It ranked 301st on 2019 Fortune Global 500 with $40.6 billion in total revenue. Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. It produces up to 4000 products, with 80% of them at the forefront of the global market. ThyssenKrupp is a German industrial group with diverse business. The company ranked 215th on 2019 Fortune Global 500 list.
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