Guangzhou Night 2019 Wowed the Summer Davos Viewers in the Fifth Year in A Row

2019-07-02 14:19:00

Mighty Southern Lion became graceful Lion and Lady with romantic and lithe air. Smart robot rendered life-life drawings on the spot and gave away drawings as gifts. Piano and higher-pitched erhu were played harmoniously to create fair-sounding melodies.

On the night of 2nd July, Guangzhou Night 2019, organized by Cedar Holdings stunned spectators for the Summer Davos. This event, centred on Old City, New Vitality, incorporated traditional Cantonese culture such as Cantonese Opera and paper sculpture as well as modern elements including smart robotic arm and hip-hop dance via hi-techs and a variety of artistic creation techniques to show the world how dynamic Guangzhou is. Guangzhou was presented as a cosmopolitan city featuring the mixture of tradition and innovation, classics and fashion.
Present in Guangzhou Night were Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum, Mr Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou, and Mr King Cheung, Chairman of the Board of Cedar Holdings. A total of over 500 guests of honour including business leaders, government officials, experts & scholars, social celebrities from all around the world attended the event by invitation. Guangzhou municipal government officials, leaders of districts and departments directly under the municipal goverment showed up in the event. 
As an important exchange activity held during the Summer Davos, Guangzhou Night serves as a key stage to promote Guanghzou's image to the world. 2019 marks the fifth year in a row for Guangzhou Night to show up in the Summer Davos, and the second consecutive year for Cedar Holdings, one of the Fortune 500 Global companies, to be the organizer.

Lion and Lady Became Online Celebrity

Upon stepping into the venue of Guangzhou Night, you cannot help but notice that every single bit here is just so Cantonese.
On your right, there is a particularly eye-catching handmade paper sculpture called Lion and Lady.
It is a 2 meters long and 1.4 meters tall southern lion. The lion' fur is made up by sticking together Tyvek in light pink, light green and light white. The colourful and translucent fur sparkles and glitters under the lights, almost making the lion come alive.  The exquisite artwork is brimming with lightness and grace, especially when accompanied by pinecones and light balls. 
Southern Lion is a key artistic figure in Cantonese Lion Dance. Tough as it was in early days, Southern Lion has gradually become mild and gentle as a result of innovative ideas from Guangzhou's young artists. Lion and Lady attracted crowds of guests with many scrambling to take photos with it. The newly born star shot to fame on that night.
On the left right after entering the venue, a robotic arm definitely secured lots of attention at ease with its automatic drawing performance. Guests could choose any one of pictures related to Guangzhou Night on the computer provided. It took one click on START DRAWING for the robotic arm to start working. After figuring out how to move its pen based on the lines of the chosen picture, it followed the movement trail to draw the picture on a blank A4. The new one looks exactly like the original one and was later given as a souvenir to the guest.
Behind the robotic arm, the breath-taking night sight of Pearl River on LED screen spreads across the whole French window, giving the audience an immersive experience of Guangzhou at night.
The genius venue design is definitely a fruit of racking brains.
Performances this year were assisted by three ice screens with one on each side and an ultra-wide LED screen measuring 3:1 on the stage.
All of them hung down from the three-meter ceiling to ensure sufficient space for the event, and, at the same time, fully showcase elements like White Cloud Mountain and Pearl River from the key vision in animated films. In doing so, a Guangzhou Night fantasy was created.
Ice screen, as a new LED display technology, stunned the world on ‘Beijing 8 Minutes’ of the closing ceremony of PyeongChang Winter Olympic. Compared to traditional LED, ice screen has a transparency rate of up to 85%, maximizing the translucent effect, which makes it one of the best display devices with highest resolution and translucent effect across the globe.
Performance that night starts with People and Puppet, the Cantonese puppetry full of Lingnan characteristics. The one-hour performance consisted of solo, ensemble and dance cleverly blend traditional and modern arts, rapidly bringing unique Cantonese charm closer to the audience.
What's more appealing are finger-licking Cantonese dim sum made by skilled chefs. Among them, Lucky Pinecone Pastry shaped just like pinecone has attracted many guests and visitors to stop and have a bite. The lovely snack absolutely won their favour. Guests at Guangzhou Night watched brilliant performance while having delicious food and chatting over fragrant wines in a happy mood.

Guangzhou Night 2019, carefully designed and made, shouts fusions of traditional and innovation, classics and fashion, as well as antique and technology. By seizing the important opportunity of building Greater Bay Area, the thousand-year-old Guangzhou is burst with new vitality, projecting itself as the one and only cosmopolitan city.

Guangzhou Night shows up in the Summer Davos for five years in a row

Since the event made its debut in 2015, Guangzhou Night has been held for five consecutive years. Through the World Economic Forum, one of the most influential international platforms, Guangzhou is constantly showcasing its robustness to the world.
As a window for exchanges between China and the rest of the world, Guangzhou secured its status as a trade port city far back. Maritime trade appeared in Guangzhou in the Han dynasty. The Maritime Silk Road starting from the Tang and Song dynasty once reached Persian Gulf and East Africa. Nowadays, Guangzhou has become an economic powerhouse, a super-mega city and a metropolis in China.
At the moment, Guangzhou is working on getting new vitality out of this old city. By riding on the wave of Greater Bay Area development, Guangzhou is deepening reforms of critical areas and key stages of economy. At the same time, it is rolling out various measures to improve business environment. Deeply rooted in the fertile land of this ancient trade centre, a group of home-grown enterprises are rapidly thriving, expanding their presence beyond China.
Cedar Holdings, the organizer of Guangzhou Night is an outstanding representative among them. According to public statistics, Cedar Holdings have commodities, new chemical materials, cultural tourism, and smart city services as its business sections, with two A-listed companies, i.e. Qixiang Tengda (002408), and Sinoer (002485). It also controls the stakes of Cedar International Trust (originally Zhongjiang Trust). In 2018, Cedar Holdings ranked 361st among Fortune 500 Global list.
King Cheung, Chairman of the Board of Cedar Holdings, mentioned in his speech at Guangzhou Night 2019 that the Summer Davos has become a key window to China for foreign observers and Guangzhou Night to Guangzhou in the new era.  Thanks to Guangzhou's nourishment for 22 years, Cedar Holdings has made into the Fortune 500 Global list. Riding on Guangzhou's march towards the international metropolis, Cedar Holdings had actively expanded its global commodities industry landscape as part of its efforts to make itself China's Glencore.  Guangzhou is a honey land for Cedar Holdings, the first choice of destination for investment by enterprises across the globe, and the best place for development.
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